Car Trak

Car Trak 4.9.1

Keep track of your driving activity


  • Enables you to keep track of your car in detail
  • Supports several vehicles at the same time


  • Interface is very simple
  • Weighted heavily towards American automobiles


Car Trak allows you to keep track of your driving behaviour, become a more efficient driver and keep your vehicle in better shape. If you've just bought a new car or have a special vehicle that you want to take extra care of, this program will help you achieve your aims.

Car Trak makes an exhaustive analysis of all the data relative to the maintenance and specifications of your vehicle. it calculates everything from petrol expenses, distance driven, repair costs, scheduled inspections, general expenses and fuel consumption. The data is presented in a detailed, although sometimes rather too cluttered interface which summarises all the major data that you require. From this general view, you also have the option of taking a more detailed look at each entry.

The program supports several different measurement scales, allows to track several vehicles simultaneously and even allows you to export your data to CSV or generate a report in HTML and RTF.

For car enthusiasts, this is an excellent application although it could do with a facelift as regards the general interface.

Car Trak™ is a Windows® application that tracks automotive vehicle mileage, maintenance, expenses, and fuel economy (MPG, L/100km, or MPL).

It provides the "average" person with an easy to use interface and presents a full analysis of Fuel, Maintenance, Repairs, and Other expenses in a concise "summary" fashion, while keeping the full "detail" entries always available for examination or edits (if necessary). In other words ... you don't have to be a professional "Fleet Manager" to use and understand Car Trak and its reports!

Car Trak


Car Trak 4.9.1

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